Friday, January 22, 2010

Chance to make an easy $75

If you live in the Boston area and can spare 3 hours of your time, you could participate in a security screening study for which you would be compensated $75. The #1 requirement though, is that you have to have been born in India. Being of Indian origin will not suffice.

I have no affiliation with the company conducting this study, so please save your comments if you are in any way offended by the requirements. When I saw this ad on the Metro, I immediately thought of those in-between jobs and the many students living in Boston who could take advantage of this opportunity. You could consider it a service to help strengthen the current airport security screening systems, which in light of the recent Christmas day bombing debacle, needs all the help it can get.

If interested, the contact number is: 617-308-9931

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this study, nor do I get any referral fees from promoting it.

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