Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Resolutions

I've always been a procrastinator. For instance, I meant to start this blog way back in 2008. It's the same with resolutions. But better late than never, right? So here they are:

1) Stay more organized by scheduling my day/week - I'm terrible at this. In the past, I've missed credit card payments not due to a lack of funds in the bank, but because I forgot! (No more of that- I've set up email alerts) Similarly I'd make lists of things I needed to get done, but always ended up carrying some of them over to the next day. When I was a child, I remember finishing all my homework by following a schedule. So that is what will be happening at the beginning of each day this year, even if it makes me feel a little juvenile.

2) Keep a better home - So I'm no Martha Stewart. Really! Hopefully by improving my organizational skills, I'll blossom into a domestic diva!

3) Make a budget - I've been spending way too much lately and haven't kept track of any of it. Breakfasts, lunches, groceries, clothes, ... You name it, I've most likely bought way too many of it way too many times. So this year, I'm going to track my expenses and stick to a budget:
      Groceries - $100/week (might have to revise after a couple of weeks' worth of trials)
      Breakfasts and lunches - brown bag 3 times a week (not x5/week as I'm trying to be realistic here)
      Clothing - inspired by FB (from Fabulously Broke in the City) I'm imposing a wardrobe ban on myself but keeping $150 for emergencies
      Insurance - We currently pay $1550 so definitely shopping around for a cheaper rate.
      Travel - $7000/year
      Entertainment - $50/week
      Personal care - $30/month
      Home maintenance (light bulbs, laundry detergent, etc) - $30/month
      $300/month - for my folks back home
      Medical and Baby - not on budget
      Miscellaneous (gas, subway pass, etc) - $50/week

Not counting the travel and insurance (which has already been paid), this would give us a monthly budget of $1160. I'll be posting how we do every couple of months.

4) Something related to budgeting is planning my meals at the beginning of each week. I've still got to figure the ins and outs of this as we normally do the grocery shopping on the weekends and if I were to foray into couponing using the Sunday paper, I'd have to postpone the shopping. That's hard given our schedules.

5) Have at least 2 alternative sources of income.

6) Lose my belly permanently - I usually resolve to lose 10 lbs at the beginning of each year as that's how much it takes to lose the excess fat around my waist. Ive succeeded only once so far, but come close most of the time only to relapse and gain it back. This year instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale, I'm going to try to eat more veggies and less sugary stuff!!! and exercise 3 times a week.

7) Last but not least, and inspired by the Financial Samurai, I'll be seeking the good in others.

Wish me luck with my lucky seven!



  1. On the credit card payments, we have a standing instruction with the bank to pay the full balance automatically each month. This saves time and leaves no possibility of missing a payment or running a balance.

    On the weight loss, try setting yourself some speciifc objectives like running a short running race, climbing a local mountain, power walking a section of trail or whatever works where you live. These sorts of objectives helped get me motivated when I tried to convert myself from a couch potato.

  2. Great specific goals Thrifty Gal! Your STE pick ain't doing that great year to date btw (-0.6%), but it's still early! lol.

    The last 10lbs are always the hardest to lose... OK, maybe the last 5 lbs. Hence, I try not to lose it, but wake up to see if I have lost it at some point in the year, through an alternative phsical goal. Mine is to win a tennis tournament... other ideas (not for me) are to scale Mt. Everest and run a marathon! :)

    Look forward to building a stronger relationship, and supporting each other in our goals in the future!

    ps if you are on blogger, there's no automatic "trackback" function, so if the sites you link don't happen to stumble across your site at a particular time, you might not get them to give recognition. Hence, a good practice is to just e-mail em.

    Best, Sam

  3. Sounds like you have a pretty sound plan!

    I like the idea of having 2 alternative sources of income! I'll have to see if I can think of a few too.

    I wish I waere down to 10 pounds to lose! Hopefully it will go quickly!

    Luck to you! Some nice goals you got here!

  4. @Samurai:
    You've got me confused with someone else Sam! My pick was PCG not STE. As for aiming to lose weight through an alternative physical goal - that's a very smart idea. I also enjoyed some tennis over the summer, but sadly it is the winters that are a problem for me. I always gain weight in the winter and shed it in the summer, albeit not completely!

  5. @Don:
    I've actually only determined one source so far. The other is a goal, so I'm in the same boat as you :)

  6. @Samurai: Thanks for the tip on blogger not doing trackbacks. I really appreciate it! I also look forward to building relationships and supporting mutual goals. That's one of the main reasons I started this blog. I hope to learn and implement lessons from experts such as yourself in the PF blogosphere.


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